Joint statement on Afghanistan

We the undersigned Marxist Leninist Organisations of India, Iran and Pakistan welcome the expulsion of U.S. occupation forces from Afghanistan. We oppose the aggression and occupation of countries under any pretext whether, “humanitarian" or "revolutionary" and we consider the nature of colonial aggression and occupation, in whatever form it takes, as reactionary.

The U.S. occupation of Afghanistan did not bring about democracy or emancipation of women and instead through intensive U.S. and NATO military operations harmed all sections of society except their puppets. It is does not make sense to talk about democratisation of society and the liberation of women when the country is occupied by imperialist forces.

The people of Afghanistan persistently fought imperialist occupation whether by the revisionist erstwhile USSR or the USA.  In Afghanistan, U.S. imperialism has suffered a catastrophic defeat that has strategic consequences for the people of the world and especially of the region. This defeat and expulsion of occupation forces of USA from the region is in the interest of the people and the development of their countries. The return of peace to Afghanistan will enable refugees presently living in the neighbouring countries to return their homes.

The regime that emerged from these struggles, the Taliban, is not a puppet of the United States of America, contrary to the views of conspiracy theorists. In its long negotiations with the United States, the Taliban has always called for the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan and has never agreed to negotiate with the U.S. installed puppet regimes in Afghanistan. The attempts to establish relations with the United States and European countries does not make the Taliban a puppet regime.

It is at the same time important to recognise that the Taliban has historically been based on religious fundamentalism, which is against democracy and especially rights of women and ethnic and religious minorities.

Afghanistan has a small number of urban centres, but the economic structure of Afghanistan society is mainly tribal in which the relations of feudal production and herding prevail. The culture that governs people’s lives is tribal and feudal in nature drawing inspiration from religion. Fighting the backwardness of Afghanistan requires preserving the territorial integrity and national sovereignty; the broad participation of women in the political, economic and cultural institutions of society; resolving the question of land reform, and recognizing the rights of nationalities, etc.

Calling a Constituent Assembly based on universal adult suffrage with adequate representation of all sections of the society including women and minorities to draft a democratic constitution is the precondition for ensuring independence, ethnic unity, democracy, peace and just development in Afghanistan.

The presence of imperialist forces in Afghanistan was a barrier to progress and development in Afghanistan and the region. Recent developments have freed Afghanistan from the grip of the occupying forces. This is a great achievement for the people of Afghanistan. We support any effort in Afghanistan to form a national and united government, to create security in the region that prevents the growth and strengthening of imperialist-sponsored terrorism, to strengthen the friendship between the nations of the neighbours and of the region, and so on.

The expulsion of the occupation forces and Afghanistan’s neighbourhood with several countries can create a good ground for the positive influence of the countries of the region in Afghanistan. The government of Afghanistan can use the experiences and resources of Pakistan, India, Iran, Russia, and China to develop the country. Foreign investment in Afghanistan can be positive for the growth and development of the country provided that it does not violate the national and strategic interests of Afghanistan and does not have a neo-colonial character. Opposing colonial domination does not mean opposing economic relations, nor does it mean forbidding foreign investment in the country. It is imperative to promote friendly relations between the people and the governments of the region based on principles of equality and non-interference and mutual cooperation.

We, the communists, together with the revolutionary and progressive forces of the world, defend the struggle of the Afghanistani people for the right to self-determination, the right to national sovereignty, territorial integrity, and good neighbourliness. We oppose any intervention by the imperialist forces in Afghanistan and in the fate of its people. We defend the struggle of the communists and the revolutionary and democratic forces of Afghanistan for democratic rights, freedom of association, freedom of expression, women's freedom, modern universal education and healthcare.


Organisation ‘Revolutionary Democracy’, India.

Party of Labour (Toufan), Iran.

Pakistan Mazdoor Mahaz.

24th January 2022.