The parties and organizations signing below:

- We salute, embrace and be proud of the heroic epic undertaken by the Palestinian resistance within the framework of the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation, which turned upside down the equation of conflict with the enemy by shifting from a state of defense to a  state of offence.

- We bow in reverence to the unity of the resisting ranks and the unity of the Palestinian people in all places of presence, believing that resistance in all its forms, especially the armed struggle, is the shortest path to liberating Palestine from the racist Zionist occupation.

-We condemn the unconditional support for the usurping entity provided by imperialism, led by American imperialism. It also condemns the silence and complicity of the puppet Arab regimes, which are completely contradictory to the aspirations of the peoples who have no choice but to follow in the footsteps of the Palestinian resistance by struggling to liberate the homelands by sweeping away the subservient, tyrannical and corrupt regimes.

At a time when the Zionist destruction machine is reaping innocents in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem, the Moroccan regime is hosting a meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in the presence of the Zionist entity in a blatant challenge to the will of the Moroccan and Palestinian people and all the peoples of the region. While we condemn the gathering of thieves who rule the world and spread poverty, marginalization and dependency, we salute the struggle of free men and women in brotherly Morocco.

- We calls on the popular masses throughout the Arab and Maghreb region to go out to the streets and squares and create all forms of support for Palestine and to reject the shameful meeting being held in Marrakesh.

- We call on all forces of freedom in the world to activate all forms of boycott and expose the crimes of the Zionist entity and to denounce the positions of governments that support aggression and consider Zionism a racist theory and practice. Fascism.


- Glory to the resistance and victory to Palestine!

– No to treaties and normalization with the Zionists!




1- The Workers’ Party - Tunisia

2- The Democratic Workers’ Way, Annahj , Morocco

3- The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine 4- The Lebanese Communist Party

5- The Jordanian People’s Democratic Party (Hashd)

6- The Jordanian Popular Democratic Unity Party

7- The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

8- The “We Can” Movement, Mauritania

9- The Gathering of Sahrawi Human Rights Defenders in Western Sahara (codesa)

10- The Sudanese Communist Party

11- The Palestinian People’s Party

12- The Qutb Party- Tunisia

13- The Unified National Democratic Party- Tunisia

14- The Socialist Popular Alliance Party- Egypt

15- The Kuwaiti Progressive Movement

16- The Jordanian Communist Party