On the occasion of the death of Comrade Fereidun Montaghemi, a prominent member of the leadership of the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)

May 1944 - May 2024

Those who live are those who fight, those who their body and mind are filled with a firm will. They climb the steep path of destiny, they stride thoughtfully towards a high goal, and day and night they have either a sacred duty or a great love in mind (paraphrased).   Victor Hugo

With great regret and deep sadness, we inform all members and supporters of the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan), all revolutionary and progressive forces, and the Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations in the International Conference (ICMLPO) that our comrade Fereidun Montaghemi, a prominent member of the leadership of the Party of Labour Party of Iran (Toufan), passed away on Sunday, May 19, 2024,. He passed away after a long battle with cancer. He was surrounded by his life term companion, his daughter, and a number of his comrades and friends.

Comrade Fereidun Montaghemi was born on May 20, 1944, He completed his primary education at the Saint Louis and the Jafari elementary schools in Tehran, then secondary education at Hadaf high School. After completing secondary school, he went to Germany and completed an engineering degree in electrical engineering. In Germany, he joined the Confederation of Iranian Students –CIS (National Union) abroad, an internationally known organisation, a democratic organisation that fought against the U.S. puppet regime of the Shah.   He played an important role in the Iranian student movement in the fight against the Pahlavi regime and imperialism. As the elected cultural secretary of the Confederation of Iranian Students Abroad, he carried out outstanding political and cultural activities.

After a little while, he became familiar with the line and work of Toufan Marxist-Leninist Organisation- abroad and he joined Toufan enthusiastically. Afterward, Comrade Fereidun dedicated his entire life to the cause of the working class, fighting for revolution and socialism in Iran. His life was intertwined with the life of Toufan and its successor organisations.  In addition to his political activities, he was a talented writer and an experienced analyst of complex developments in Iran, the region, and the world. He used his powerful pen and sharp mind to defend the ideals of the working class and labourers of Iran and continued this work until the last moments of his fulfilled life. His works include dozens of valuable theoretical works, educational pamphlets and hundreds of analytical articles that were published by his Party.

In the Volume I of his memoires; “How I Became a Communist”, which was published in 2015 and again in 2017, Comrade Montaghemi wrote:

“I learned from my mother and father how to live. I learned that you have to be human and live honourably. They took me to the forbidden lands and fed me on the forbidden fruits so that I could feel the wounds and pains of peoples’ life more deeply and stay awake, and for that I am grateful to them. The legacy that they left to me is enough for moving  forward in my life. I have learned that life is a struggle and that one must always live with responsibility towards society, and I feel obliged to pass on the burden they have placed on me to others.”

Heroism is the brightest manifestation of the human spirit, which undoubtedly is inspired by those who belong to the masses and by their attachment to the human community and its great ideals. Therefore, they consciously use all their strength, which comes from the inexhaustible power of the people, to fight for this ideal and become immortal heroes in history. Our comrade Fereidun Montaghemi, a well-known communist from the land of Iran is one of these heroes who will live forever.

Comrade Fereidun was a courageous and determined Marxist-Leninist communist, an internationalist, and a theorist and professional organiser. He fought with even greater determination and iron will against reaction, imperialism and all manifestations of capitalism, nourishing hope and spirit of victory in the hearts of his comrades. Comrade Fereidun was a humble person. Despite his high political and theoretical awareness and his astute language, when he spoke of the Party’s fallen comrades, it seemed as if he had been their student. He spoke little about himself, more about the theoretical abilities of the fallen comrades and the party's leaders, emphasising the authority of the leadership, class revenge on bourgeoisie, abolition of private ownership of productive forces, the victory of socialism and establishment of dictatorship of proletariat, and the development of society without classes.

Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) has lost a loyal and steadfast member of its leadership. The communist movement of Iran and all true revolutionaries have lost a great comrade. The life of Comrade Fereidun Montaghemi and his striving to continue and strengthen the Party activities under very difficult condition of his illness, inspires our Party to learn from his perseverance and adherence to party principles and to pass them on to the young generation of communists.

The Central Committee of the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) expresses its sincere condolences to his comrades, companion for life, daughter, and family members. The memory of our Comrade Fereidun Montaghemi, one of the great theoreticians of the Party leadership, will last forever. May his path be followed by many!

Central Committee of the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)

May 19, 2024