Declaration of the
International Conference of the Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations, ICMLPO, Mexico, November 2018
To the Workers and Peoples
To the Revolutionaries and Communists
In Mexico we commemorate the end of World War I, which caused great, serious damage to humanity and which was also the scene in which the first proletarian revolution triumphed, the Great October Revolution. We celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx, the great teacher of the proletariat. The 24th Plenary of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations has successfully completed its work. The international situation was evaluated and the responsibilities and tasks of the workers, peoples and revolutionary movements were specified. We discussed important problems of the work of the parties and organizations of the ICMLPO, pointing out the commitments and tasks, affirming the perspectives of development.
The exacerbation of the intrinsic contradictions of the imperialist capitalist system are sharpening the general crisis of capitalism, which is a crisis of the economic, political and social structures and superstructures that are shaking the capitalist system, affecting millions of workers, the dependent countries, the oppressed peoples and nations, which are deepening the ravages of nature and the environment.
The anarchy in production, the competition among the monopolies and the imperialist powers, the excessive growth of the external debt, the unequal trade, the inter-imperialist trade war, the plundering of the natural resources and the appropriation by the class of capitalists of the surplus value generated by millions of workers, the unilateral measures of the U.S. regarding financial and monetary policies, the accelerated development of science and technology, computerization, the internet, robotics and artificial intelligence forecast the appearance of a new economic crisis, which will be of greater proportions and depth than the economic crisis of 2008, which will have a serious impact on social and political relations.
The ravages of nature and the deterioration of the environment, the climate changes provoked by the irrational exploitation and plundering of the natural resources by the capitalist monopolies and the imperialist countries are constantly intensifying.
Great confrontations are taking place among the imperialist powers, the appearance and spread of war preparations across all continents and regions, the development of the arms race involving all countries, the militarization of the economy and society leading towards a new redivision of the world. The military confrontation among the imperialist countries, mainly between the U.S. and Russia, between NATO and China are expressed in armed conflicts that are bleeding dry the peoples of the Middle East and Africa and are fueling conflicts in other parts of the world. The economic and political aggression of the U.S. towards Iran are undermining the sovereignty of that country and the interests and rights of its peoples. In Yemen, the economic and political interests of Saudi Arabia, with the support of the U.S., are responsible for the destruction of that country and the genocide that is devastating the people and the country.
The inter-imperialist struggles are also expressed in the trade war between China and the United States, in the contention over markets and strategic areas; in the aggressive incursion of Chinese investments on all continents.
The imperialist powers are intensifying their interference in all the dependent countries, they are promoting extractivism; they are plundering the natural resources while riveting the chains of oppression. The nature of imperialism is expressed in aggression and depredation in order to appropriate the wealth of the dependent countries and the profits produced by the super-exploitation of imperialism. No imperialist country is a friend of the peoples.
Tens of thousands of people, men, women and children, are fleeing their countries devastated by war, by the repression of their governments, by misery and poverty. They are seeking opportunities and emigrating in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America, they are attacked by the xenophobic, nationalist and racist policies of imperialism and reaction. Trump is demonstrating to the migrants his reactionary, xenophobic and aggressive character.
The people of Palestine are heroically resisting the brutal aggression of Yankee imperialism and Israeli Zionism, which are murdering thousands of civilians; that struggle is a sign of the determination to defend their sovereignty and life. They are receiving the solidarity and support of the progressive forces of the world. We Marxist-Leninists strongly support the Palestinian cause.
The government of Trump in the U.S. and the election of Bolsonaro in Brazil are witness to the failure of social reformism, of bourgeois democracy and the policies of social democracy that are being set aside by imperialism and the bourgeoisie. In order to affirm and strengthen their domination, they are increasingly resorting to reactionary, xenophobic and nationalist policies, to the establishment of ultra-right, authoritarian, fascistic and fascist regimes in some countries.
The development of the reactionary and fascist tendencies and the eventual establishment of fascist regimes are being confronted by the working class, the youth, the peoples and substantial democratic sectors that defend freedom, democracy, human and trade union rights.
The capitalist system and bourgeois institutions are mired in corruption and the appropriation of public money that is becoming a source of accumulation; the denunciation and actions against corruption and some of those responsible are leading to the unmasking of the backward nature and rottenness of capitalism. In the fight against corruption, large popular mobilizations, political crises and changes in the bourgeois governments have developed in some countries and in some cases.
The policies and actions of the monopolies and the bourgeoisie against the working class, the peoples and the youth, the oppressed peoples and nations are seen throughout the world. But they do not develop calmly; there is a popular response.
In several countries and on all continents, militant strikes and mobilizations of the workers are developing for stability in opposition to labor flexibility, the high cost of living, the high prices for housing and new taxes; there are important demonstrations of the youth, significant expressions of the struggle of the people for the maintenance of civil liberties and the defense of human rights. The women are courageously demonstrating against oppression and discrimination; on March 8 they carried out an international strike that took place in a good number of countries.
These manifestations of the workers' and people's movement are having a sustained development but they are not expressed in a general way; they are still scattered and isolated at the international level. However, they are an expression that the forces of social revolution, the workers' movement, the poor peasantry, the youth, women, oppressed peoples and nations have potential and affirm the perspective of the development of the revolutionary movement of the workers and peoples.
The opposition to imperialist war, to wars of aggression, to the arms race must be taken up by the workers and the youth, joined in the defense of peace, of the political and union rights of the workers and the peoples. It must be the cause that involves broad democratic sectors, an international banner that we Marxist-Leninist communists uphold in our fulfillment of proletarian internationalism.
The defense of democratic liberties, the rights of the peoples and human rights; the expressions of substantial democratic and progressive sectors, the opposition to the reactionary and fascistic positions, the direct combat against fascism are part of the present demands of the workers and youth; they are an expression of the struggle against capitalism and imperialism, for the revolution and socialism. We Marxist-Leninists are consistent fighters against fascism and imperialism; we are involved in the building of the democratic and anti-fascist front at a national and international level.
The fight against imperialist domination is the historical task of the oppressed peoples and nations, of the anti-imperialists. It is the irrevocable responsibility of the communists in all countries. We take it up in a determined manner.
The right of self-determination of the peoples is a current issue; it is seen on several continents and within different States, in the anti-colonialist struggle and in opposition to neocolonial policies. We reaffirm our support and solidarity.
We proletarian revolutionaries organized in the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations, ICMLPO, express our determination to strengthen our parties and work for the unity of the communists.
Capitalism and imperialism are not invincible. The unity and struggle of the workers and peoples, the consistent attitude of the communists and other revolutionaries will break the chains of imperialism, aiming at its weak links.

Against the War Policy of Imperialism and Reaction!
For the Defense of Freedom and Public Liberties, Against Reaction and Fascism!
Stop the Imperialist Aggression Against the Oppressed Peoples and Nations!
Unity and Struggle of the Workers and Peoples, of the Democrats and Progressives of the World!
Long Live the Revolution and Socialism!
Mexico, November 2018
24th Plenary of the ICMLPO