On the Barbaric Terrorist Actions in France

Imperialism is the source of terrorism.


The barbaric terrorist actions in Paris that resulted in the death of more than 120 innocent individuals are the natural product of imperialist policies. No one is born to be a terrorist, nor is terrorism accidental or an attribute of a specific religion. Terrorism in the current world is the product of bullying and plundering by particularly the Western imperialist countries. These imperialist powers destroy purposefully the world security by continuously violating the international laws and regulations that suppose to protect and guarantee the immunity and security of the people. They cause the death of millions of people by arbitrary and criminal acts accompanied by venomous lies. No one has the power to take them accountable and seek justice. There is no international judicial authority to guarantee the rights of deprived people. Even the International Criminal Court is a tool of suppression and imposition of their sinister goals. The language of bullying and pistol has become the imperialistsí international language. The Western imperialists and particularly the US imperialists expect the people of the world to accept their dictates. The imperialist-Zionist invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yugoslavia, Libya, Mali, Sudan, Granada, and many other countries of the four continents and plundering the world resources and creating a huge and deep gap between the pole of poverty and the pole of wealth, will generate and reinforce unemployment, homelessness, hopelessness, displacement, and lack of perspective. Terrorism is hostile to Marxism and deviate the movement of the working class and the masses. The struggle against terrorism passes through the struggle for equality and social justice and through the elimination of exploitation on man by man. Those who have interest in fighting against terrorism are those who also fight against the source of terrorism, imperialism. The fight against blind terrorism is inseparable from the fight against the world biggest state terrorist, which is the US imperialism. It is only with such a position that a force can condemn the terrorist actions in France, Beirut, Denmark, and everywhere else in the world without becoming an appendix to the imperialist propaganda.

The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)

November 14, 2015