Communique of the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)

Hail May 1st. the International Working Class Day!

May 1st is the day of world solidarity of the proletariat and all the peoples of the world. This historic day is the protest day of millions of working people against hunger, poverty, oppression, exploitation and imperialist wars, for peace, equality and solidarity!

The struggle of the working class against monopolies and neoliberal capitalist governments to defend their rights is taking on new dimensions. The bourgeoisie is trying to burden the working class with the consequences of the economic crisis. The powerful strikes and protests of millions of French workers and toilers in recent weeks and resistance to the imperialist bourgeoisie's attacks on their rights are a sign that the class struggle is intensifying and expanding not only in its economic form but also in its political form.

The struggle in Ukraine against the neo-Nazi forces and against the U.S.  imperialism and the NATO front and the struggle to crush the dominance of the dollar and the unipolar world order are crucial. The victory of the war-mongering NATO front in this struggle is tantamount to the victory of reaction, colonialism, neoliberalism and sheer militarism and means the continuation of the conditions that have prevailed for decades! The defeat of NATO is in the interests of the working class and the peoples of the world!

The hallmarks of the current unipolar world are aggression, sanctions, genocide and humiliation. The fate of countries, nations and revolutions are in the hands of the "world owners" USA and NATO. In a multipolar world, national sovereignty of countries is more secure and policies of embargo and starvation of nations come to a dead end. The defeat of NATO in Ukraine spells the end of Dollar Empire and the U.S.  plunder of nations, and decisively intensifies the class struggle in the heartland imperialist America. The contradiction between labour and capital sharpens and this will facilitates the steps towards socialism.

The U.S.  New World Order was officially announced by George Bush and began with the destruction and dismemberment of Yugoslavia and the invasion of Iraq. Since then, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and Iran and many countries around the world have fallen victim to this new order that has now reached an impasse. The world after the defeat of the NATO-led Nazis in Ukraine will no longer be the world before.

In Iran, under the tyrannical capitalist rule of the Islamic Republic, poverty and class gap have continued to deepen through the continuation of neoliberal economic policies. The rampant rise in the prices of basic necessities and the deepening of the crisis have imposed a miserable life on the workers. The wage increase of 27% for workers and 20% for white-collar workers this year, due to the immeasurable increase in prices and the high inflation, has no relation to the reality of life of the people. Such a low increase means a declaration of war and open hostility towards millions of workers, working people and their families. 

At the same time, arbitrary arrests and repression of workers continue and expand. A number of union leaders and teachers remain in the regime's dungeons. Despite the reprisals by the regime of the Islamic Republic, the working class continues to fight and is currently demanding, among other things, the following.

The release of worker-activists and political prisoners

The return of dismissed workers

An end to privatisation

Higher wages

Guarantee for job security

Payment of arrears

An end to the suppression of the work for the formation of independent and free trade unions


The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) wishes the workers of Iran and the world a Happy May Day. We must emphasise that class consciousness and the party of the working class are the most important class weapons in the battle against bourgeoisie. It is only through the establishment of socialism that mankind can free itself from the yoke of capitalist machinery of oppression and exploitation.

Hail May 1st, the international working class day!

Glory to the heroic struggle of the working class of Iran!

Greetings to the working class of the world!

Long live the struggle for freedom and independence!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live socialism!


The Party of Labour Iran (Toufan)

 May 01, 2023