Statement of the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) on the U.S. withdrawal from ďThe Nuclear DealĒ, Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action-JCPOA

The results of the Iranian government's betrayal of the national interests of the country and of the trust in imperialism


The U.S. president Trump, as he had promised in his presidential campaign, withdrew from the Nuclear Deal, and again relies on lie, bullying, and threat, as he tries to justify his decision. We raised this issue in the past and we anticipated this situation. It is clear that the Deal was not a treaty, and this was the first American demagogy in negotiations with the Iranian nuclear team. The Deal was imposed on Iran and was hastily agreed upon by the politically inexperienced representatives of Iranian regime. Each treaty must is approved by the parliaments of the respective countries and therefore cannot be abolished by the sitting president of the country. The Iranís authorities betrayed the national interest of the country, sent the agreement to Majlis (Parliament) for approval by the representatives who were not even aware of its content; the agreement was not discussed in the society or in the press and media. The Iranian people still do not know what is hidden in the text of this agreement.

As soon as the Nuclear Deal was approved by the sham constituent assembly of the Islamic Republic, allies and sympathizers of the U.S. imperialism and Israeli Zionism in Iran celebrated. The officials in power blew their horn and promised that sanctions would be lifted and the economic situation in Iran would be improving. They sold Iran's right to peaceful use of nuclear energy and nuclear technological advancement at the cost of preserving the domination of a group of bandit and thief in the government, and they hoped that US imperialists would not attempt at a regime change. What an illusion! 

None of the countries that negotiated with Iran considered the piece of paper with their signature on it as a treaty. For them, that piece of paper was an agreement that they had imposed on Iran. From the beginning, as our Party predicted, the sitting U.S. president would be able to legally withdraw the agreement which was not approved by the U.S. Congress. President Obama was aware of this fact also.

Our Party has published several articles on the agreements since it was signed.

Toufan, the Central Organ of the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan), published an article entitled "The Analytical Declaration of the Party on the Nuclear Deal in Vienna" in October 2015 issue, No. 187, and stated that:

"Due to the problems they face in the Middle East region, the U.S. imperialists need to gain time to breathe. With the signing of Iranís Nuclear Deal, they have generated time for the next ten or fifteen years, and now they are busy to plot in secret for the destruction of all the nuclear facilities they have in their disposal. Imperialism should never be trusted. The nuclear agreement with the United States ties Iranís hands and it is against our national interests. The U.S. does not adhere to any agreement, and it violates all internationally recognized norms, standards, rules and treaties. To believe in fulfillment of the promises these looters have given is wishful and to disgracefully surrender. The Islamic Republic's regime remains silent about the prospect and the future consequences, scientific and technical, of the Deal. The Islamic Republic either does not understand the catastrophic consequences of the Deal or consciously pursues national treachery. "


In his speech, Trump said:

ďThe Iranian regime is the leading state sponsor of terror. It exports dangerous missiles, fuels conflicts across the Middle East, and supports terrorist proxies and militias such as Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban, and al-Qaeda.Ē


Toufan, in May 2015 issue, No. 182, published an article entitled "You give the finger, they will take the hand", on Obama's policy and the goals the U.S. is pursuing:

In an interview with the New York Times, Obama says about the lifting of the sanctions on Iran," There are still details that need to be worked out. But I think that the basic framework calls for Iran to take the steps that it needs to around Fordow, centrifuges, and so forth. At this point, then the UN sanctions will be suspended; although the sanctions related to proliferation and ballistic missile issues remain in place. At that point, then, we preserve the ability to snap back those sanctions, if there is a violation if not, though, Iran, outside of the proliferation and ballistic missile issues that stay in place, they are able to get out from under the sanction, understanding that this constant monitoring will potentially trigger some sort of action if they are in violation. "


Toufan in February2016 issue, No. 191, in the article entitled "They took out the heart of Iran's indisputable right to peaceful use of nuclear energy," stated that:

ďTo make it clear that he has not retreated from his position on Iran, Obama says that Ďunder the nuclear agreement that we and our allies and our partners achieved with Iran last year, Iran will not get its hands on a nuclear bomb. The region, the United States, and the world will be more secure. As I have said it many times, the nuclear deal was never intended to resolve all our differences with Iran.Ď Ē


He continued: "... We recognize that there remain profound differences between the United States and Iran. We remain steadfast in opposing Iranís destabilizing behavior elsewhere, including its threats against Israel and our Gulf partners, and its support for violent proxies in places like Syria and Yemen.

Ö We still have sanctions on Iran for its violations of human rights, for its support of terrorism, and for its ballistic missile programAnd we will continue to enforce these sanctions, vigorously.  Iranís recent missile test, for example, was a violation of its international obligations.  And as a result, the United States is imposing sanctions on individuals and companies working to advance Iranís ballistic missile program.  And we are going to remain vigilant about it.  We're not going to waver in the defense of our security or that of our allies and partners.Ē (Emphaeis are by Toufan)


As we see, President Trumpís statements are not new; they express the continuation of past U.S. policies.

The differences between the U.S. imperialists and the European imperialists are just tactical, and one should not be deceived by them or open a separate account and dance to their tunes. All these imperialists agree with Obama and Trump's policies on Iran. The dispute between tem is over the form of implementation of the policies.Trump believes that, by withdrawing from the Nuclear Deal and by intensifying economic and political sanctions against Iran with severe punishment for the offenders and by proposing joint talks for a new deal, the U.S. goals will be achieved. He is in favor of completing the old Deal by renewed negotiations that result in a new agreement with additional points.


The view of the European imperialists

The European imperialistsí view apparently is to stay with the Nuclear Deal, but to put more pressure on Iran and to intensify and add new elements to the sanctions so that Iran would break under pressure and accept the same Obama-Trump-Israel-Saudi Arabia plan in a new agreement. Of course, Europeans seek their own economic interests in this also. Their submission to the American pressure means to loosely transfer their economic, political, and diplomatic power s to the U.S. imperialists, to violate their own laws, and act in accordance with the decisions of the U.S. authorities or the U.S. Congress. The fundamental question here is: How credible are the international treaties and agreements, and can any country rely upon them? European countries that are weaker imperialists today are uncomfortable with open violations of international treaties that may hurt their interests in the current situation. This is their basis to criticize Trump, but everyone knows that these countries themselves have violated all internationally recognized laws to advance their goals and interests, such as the illegal invasion of Yugoslavia, Iraq, ​​Afghanistan, Ukraine, Palestine, and Syria. Everyone knows that all these countries have defended the human rights abusers, namely by Israelis and Saudis, and are the biggest violators of the global obligations.The imperialist Europe does not condemn these ugly acts of murder, genocide, and invasions. We know that these international treaties are credible as long as they are backed by force; otherwise, they are not even worth the market value on the ink on them!

When you listen to Emmanuel Macron or Angela Merkel, you will notice that they give the same rumpís line but they express itcalmer and in a more refined language. They too claim that the Nuclear Deal with Iran is not complete and must be completed. They oppose to withdraw from the Deal but agree to complete it by adding more chapters to it.

The German newspaper SŁddeutsche Zeitung wrote:

ďThe European allies try to protect subtle tricks and the delicacies of the treaty and at the same time consider Trumpís rightful critique of Iran's conduct with its neighbors. (Emphases are by Toufan)

The leaders of Britain, France, and Germany oppose Iranís missile program and oppose Iran's foreign policy in regard to Zionist and criminal Israeli policies and in regard to support for the struggles of the people of Yemen, Bahrain, and Palestine. They oppose Iran accepting invitation by the Syrian government to join the fight against ISIS and to defend Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Like Trump, they are interested in a puppet Iran that play the role of imperialistsí gendarme in the region, that provides "security" for Israel, and that recognizes this aggressive, apartheid, and manufactured state. They want another Shah in Iran who represses the movement in Dhofar and who is allies of Saudi Arabia.

Toufan, in December 2015 issue, No. 189. In the article entitled "The Political Declaration of the Party of Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) on the Nuclear Agreement in Vienna" stated that:

"The U.S. imperialists intended to bring Iran to submission and change its foreign policy by hatching plots, by arming and strengthening Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, by strengthening and using ISIS, by aggression against Syria and Yemen and the Israeli massacre of Palestinians in Gaza, and by similar operations."

This policy has not changed, and it is still being pursued by the imperialists. Only a delay has occurred and the orders of priorities have changed.


Iran, another Iraq

Imperialists and Zionists together with spy and sellout Iranian opposition claimed Iran had a nuclear bomb. But they have not yet succeeded in finding this atomic bomb. The same claim was made by the imperialists about Iraq, and falsely claimed that the Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction. The criminal British Prime Minister Tony Blair even claimed that Iraqis could destroy London within 45 minutes using weapons of mass destruction. They, standing next to their weapons of mass destruction, said that they would have to eliminate Iraqi missiles because these missiles are a few centimeters longer than the permissible missiles. The imperialists then destroyed Iraqi missiles with the help of United Nations experts. After all Iraqi weapons were destroyed; they found a favorite condition to attack the country and to occupy it to this day. There are at least fifteen thousand U.S. military advisers in Iraq who monitor, without Iraqi supervision or control, the transfer of Iraqi oil to western markets.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

The imperialists plan the same plot for Iran. First, they began with the same traditional hue and cry and noise about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iran. Then they started to talk about Iran's armaments and missile technology, with the goal to eliminate them. Eventually they involved and still involve Iran's allies in the region from Yemen, Iraq, Hamas, Hezbollah, to Syria in this scenario. They want to make the Iranian allies weak and unable to respond to future events, and then they move against Iran without difficulties. Here we talk about strategic choices of all parties involved. The defeat of Syria is the beginning of the destruction of Iran and not the destruction of the regime of the Islamic Republic.

The imperialists tried to overthrow the legal regime of Assad in Syria by setting up, mobilizing, and strengthening the terrorist groups Al-Quida, Al-Nusr, ISIS, and the likes. Trump shamelessly related these to Iran.They want to secure outsides of the gates of Israel and then go after Iran. Trump has started to make noise about Iranís nuclear bombs, the bomb that does not exist!


Europe and the United States of America

All Western imperialists agree with Trumpís policy to curb Iranís activities in their favor, they differ in tactics only. Moreover, Europeans are not able to resist American pressure. It's not about investments by German or French capitalists; it's about exchange of revenue of goods and that the movement of foreign exchange is controlled by the Americans. The Germans and the French capitalists cannot export goods to Iran because they cannot receive payments. Moreover, with economic and banking sanctions against Iran, Iran's foreign exchange earnings have fallen sharply, and this foreign exchange earning fluctuate due to dependency on dollar and due to dollar fluctuations and financial crises. Iran does not have the income to import foreign goods or to invest at home. In addition, there is no guarantee that, as at the time of the Iraq war, Europe will not split into two groups. The U.S. and Israeli pressures on Europe are very intense and this can undermine the unity of Europe. For Trump, an attempt to control Iran is an attempt to control Europe also.

Today, the Iranian leaders, who took the path of national betrayal in the struggle to assert Iran's right to peaceful use of nuclear energy, appeal to European imperialists to save them from Trumpís attacks. They complete the former treason with a new treason. The Iranian government's appeal to Europe is an act of desperation and stems from lack of perspective.


The Iranian opposition; Pro American-Israeli opposition

There are Iranians who formally and openly support Trumpís withdrawal for the Nuclear Deal. These were always in the counter-revolutionary front. There are also Iranians who make up their mistakes with new mistakes. These are those who have always been sympathetic to the US aggression against Iran and defended the aggressive policies of George W. Bush. There are self-claimed revolutionary Iranians who claimed that Iran had nuclear bomb, and who, in harmony with imperialism and Zionism, propagandized against Iran's nuclear bomb that was never found. These Iranians defended the treacherous Deal, claiming that the risk of war against Iran was overcome by this action. They claimed that Iran would find economic prosperity and would become a paradise. These liar Iranians have changed the color of their deceptions today and repeat the same Europeansí claim that Iran should "Stop interfering in the affairs of its neighbors." and that ďIran should abandon its adventurist missile activities.Ē

The U.S. President Trump and his administration have called for a regime change in Iran.Pro Imperialist-Zionist Iranian opposition does not consider this stand as U.S. interference into internal affairs of Iran.

This opposition paves the way for the political presence of imperialism in Iran. Their silence on the exposure of the nature of imperialism and Zionism discloses their reactionary and even treacherous nature.


The danger of war has increased

After the violation of Iranís absolute right to peaceful nuclear energy and the imposition of the Nuclear Deal and withdrawal from the Iranís Nuclear Deal, the risk of war on Iran, which was never eliminated, has increased. The United States is working to strengthen Saudi Arabia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, the Iranian sellout opposition, and the Kurdish and Azeri separatists to wage a full-scale war in the region. The United States has come to the Persian Gulf region from ten thousand Kilometers away, has set up many military bases in the region,have deployed ten thousand soldiers in Qatar, etc. ,but the Iranian sellout opposition does not speak of the U.S. involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syriaor Yemen. The United States had never changed its strategic policy. It had delayed the implementation of its policy because Syrians, Lebanese and the Palestinians have been standing behind Iran.After failure of the policy followed by the U.S. and its allies on Syria, Yemen, and Bahrain, the Trump administration thinks it is time for a war on Iran.††

At the time when Iran defended its right to peaceful use of nuclear energy, the economic condition in the country was better than now, the science of nuclear technology was developing, and the nuclear facilities were working.Comparing the conditions in those days with today's conditions, due to the betrayal of its national right, Iran has lost the game in this regard. The U.S. Imperialists have continued their strategic policy.

The regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran that gave the imperialists a finger, it has to give a hand and a head now. Reliance on European imperialists cannot save this regime either. The corruption and embezzlement that has encompassed the mafia rule in Iran, in which the whole blood family of clergymen have interest,have caused such a wide spread poverty that life has become intolerable for many millions of people. If even some of these gigantic scandals and embezzlements are prevented, if some of the clergiesí sons are prosecuted for corruption and their wealth is confiscated, then financial problems of many people can be resolved and the many-months delayed workersí salary payments could be paid. It is not in the interest of the Commerce Department of the Islamic regime and its ally merchants in Bazaar to prevent import of products that destroy the domestic production. These imports produce poverty and their prevention can alleviate the wounds in our society. But the regime of the Islamic Republic, which is sunk in corruption it has produced, isnot only facing the deep and general dissatisfaction of the people, but also faces fierce imperialist powers. The fate of all regimes that do not rely on their own people and do not meet the demands of the masses to oppose the imperialistsí orders is the same stalemate that the regime of the Islamic Republic is facing today.

The Iranian people must overthrow this corrupt regime by their own struggles, and for fulfilling this task, they need organization and the leadership of the working class party of Iran. The struggle of the Iranian people must have an anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist, and democratic theme in order to be a revolutionary, progressive and effective movement. This movement must sharply distinguish itself from the very beginning from the reactionary movements of the velvet revolutions. Our party will put its utmost effort to make it happen. In Iran, free from the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is certain that the people of Iran will have their legitimate right to peaceful use of nuclear energy and will not submit to any kind of pressure and bullying.  

U.S. imperialism hands from Iran!

The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)

May 19, 2018