The life of Hamma Hammami has been put in danger

Hamma Hammami’s safty must be ensured

Radia Nasravi’s hunger strike should end

Hammami is the spokesperson for the Popular Front of Tunisia and the founder of the Workers’ Party of Tunisia.  His revolutionary activities have started long before the Tunisian democratic revolution. Hammami played a decisive role in the democratic revolution.  He has been receiving death threats for a long time. Now the Tunisian government has removed his security guard.

The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) strongly denounces this decision by the Tunisian government. We demand the immediate re-installment of Hammami’s security guard.

The Tunisian government is responsible for the security of Hammami, and it will be responsible for any attack that may target Him.

The decision to eliminate security guard for the Spokesperson of the Popular Front of Tunisia is a political decision.
This decision is an attack on Hammai and all the democratic opposition in Tunisia. The Popular Front and the democratic forces have been targeted and are under the threat of pro imperialist and reactionary forces. Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi, founders and former spokespersons for the Popular Front of Tunisia, were slaughtered by fascist and dark forces in Tunisia. The perpetrators of these criminal and murderous acts have not brought to justice yet because the government does not want to “know” about their whereabouts!
The removal of police protecting Hammami is a stab in the back of the Tunisian revolution and the betrayal of the gains of the Revolution; it is setting the stage for a counter-revolution, and is unleashing the reactionary forces against the masses.
All democratic forces in world demand the securing of Hammami’s life.

Radia Nasravi, a human rights lawyer and the partner of Hamma Hammami, has been on hunger strike since July 11, demanding safety and security for Hammami.

A human rights delegation met with Tunisian President on August 1, 2017 and the Interior Minister on August 8 to discuss protection for Hammami and an end to Nasravi’s hunger strike. The Tunisian government did not commit itself to any change.

We, t
he Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan), strongly condemn the decision made by the Tunisian government to eliminate the Security guard for Hamma Hammami. Tunisian government will be responsible for any attack that may harm Hammami. We call on all the democratic and revolutionary parties and organizations of the world, all freedom loving and progressive minded individuals, to rise and demand safety and security for Hammami. All democratic forces must express, in any way possible, their demands to the Tunisian government to protect Radia Nasravi and Hamma Hammami.


The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)