To : The International Conference of the Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations, labour-activists, progressive organisations, and freedom loving people of the world


The worker-activists must be released immediately and unconditionally from the prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran !

Dear Comrades,

On June 15, 2012 in the city of Karaj, the Intelligence and Security agents of the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran raided the meeting place of the labour-activists. About 60 activists were arrested, beaten, and taken to prison for interrogation. The meeting was held to discuss and to find a suitable response to the delayed wage payment, lack of job security, massive layouts, and to the repression of workers who try to form independent unions. Though most of them were released in 24 hours, nine of them are kept in prison. Since then, they have not had any contact with outside prison.

The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) condemns the arrest and imprisonment of the labour activists who struggle for their just and basic rights. Once again, we express our utmost disgust and outrage for the capitalist and unpopular regime of Iran. Workers have the right to fight for their deprived rights and to form their independent organisations. Any attempt to restrain the legitimate activities of the working class must be condemned by all the wage labourers and progressive forces around the world. The suppression of the masses by the reactionary regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran is in the interest of both the capitalist exploiters and plunderers of Iran and of the imperialists and warmongers who have worsened the living conditions of the people by their economic sanctions and threats of military invasion.


Dear Comrades,

The regime of the Islamic Republic is in deep political-economic-social crises. The living conditions of the workers and toilers have worsened every year. The set of conditions ruling the masses' livelihood have left them no option except opposing the rulers and waging fights against the entirety of the unpopular regime of the Islamic Republic. In order to change the situation, the working class that carries out the heaviest burden of the economic crisis on its shoulders tries to strengthen its power and to establish combatant and stable labour organisations and to open to the society the path of wide-spread and all-sided battles against the ruling powers. The authorities of the Islamic Republic are fearful of unity and solidarity between the workers. They have found no solution to the intolerable living conditions of workers except detaining, suppressing, and imprisoning the activists. The regime has taken these reactionary actions many times in the past but has not been able to crush the workers' struggles. The fire of the workers' and people's protest movement is inextinguishable. Many hundreds of strike, sit in, demonstration, slow work, and even direct confrontation with the regime's repressive forces are witnesses to this fact. Solidarity and unity in their independent organisations is the key point for the workers to succeed in the struggles for a better life. When this unity and solidarity is expanded to the other sectors of the workforce, when it is elevated to a higher level by equipping itself with socialist consciousness taught by the party of the working class, then it becomes such a powerful objective force that is capable of crushing the regime's reactionary repressive machinery and transferring the ownership of the means of production to the public and establishing socialism for itself and the toilers.

The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) supports the just struggles of the worker-activists to bring about a better and humane living condition. We praise their attempts to form independent trade unions. We condemn their arrest, imprisonment, and mistreatment. We call on our fraternal Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations, all pro labour forces, and all progressive minded individuals of the world to raise voice, in any possible way, against the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran for its recent detainment in the city of Karaj , and against the captivity of the prominent leaders of the labour syndicates. We ask the comrades to express solidarity with the struggles of the Iranian worker-activists and to demand the immediate and unconditional freedom of all recent detainees, all imprisoned worker-activists, and all political prisoners.

Only the intensification of the struggle of the Iranian masses and the genuine international support for Iranian people can force the regime of the Islamic Republic to retreat and to stop the repression of the Iranian people.


Release all worker-activists immediately and unconditionally!

Long live the struggles of the Iranian working class!

Down with the capitalist regime of the Islamic Republic, by the hands of the Iranian people!

Long live freedom and socialism!


The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)

June 22, 2012





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